Since 1991, Chandak group of industries has come a long way to become one of the largest manufacturers of copper and brass tube products in Rajasthan. We believe in quality production and customer satisfaction. Our service and commitment towards work is what we are known for. Our products includes Brass tubes and Copper tubes and pipes in all sizes ranging from 3mm-40mm outer diameter and wall thickness 0.12mm- 4mm. We supply various products such as copper coil bright annealed (50ft length) pan-cake type, refrigeration grade copper tubes and coils, special antenna cut pipe sets, metal Cu- brass pen refills, Jotter refill shells, various pen parts, capillary (thin gauge) tubes of copper and brass, brass curtain poles, cafe tubes, pipes used in heat exchanger, radiators, oil coolers, sanitary, medical purposes and various other industrial purposes. We have also introduced Copper wire, ranging from 0.9mm to 8mm thickness. It is mainly used in submersible cables and as soldering wire.

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