Brass Tubes 63-37

  • We offer a comprehensive range of brass tubes, brass tube products in various specifications. All our brass tubes have high degree of precision, dimensional accuracy and excellent corrosion resistance. 

    The brass tubes are supplied in various tempers (hardness) and variety of formats (straight length, coil & short cut lengths) where each tube is packed in a protective manner for easy handling and distribution.


    • Composition 63-37 and 64-36 Cu-Zn quality brass tube for multiple applications
    • Thin and thick wall
    • Available in straight lengths
    • 2 mm up to 40 mm outer diameter 
    • 0.10 mm up to 2.5 mm wall thickness
    • Our short cut length service is very popular with electronics industries, precision engineering companies etc.
    • Various applications such as Writing Instruments, Surgical Instruments, Radiators,  Brush ware, Sanitary fittings, Pressure Gauge Instruments, Hand Rails, Lighting Fixtures, Handicrafts, Decorative Items, etc
    • Our 3mm tube is extensively used in Cross Ball-Pen Refill shell supplied to various OEM’s. Similarly, tubes are also supplied for Jotter Refill shells, 4 color ball pen refill shells, various ball pen shells, etc

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